Working with talent is always preferable when bringing a creative concept to life. Working with a British legend like Sir David Jason offers the opportunity to bring an instantly recognisable richness to a brand’s audio identity that few other voices can offer.

Radio & streamed audio advertising offers a brand the opportunity to reach audiences at scale and talk to people in a personal and unique way. It has the ability to influence people when they are driving, working, playing or relaxing. It’s a strong media choice made even more powerful with the use of effective creative.

When looking at the 2019 media strategy for one of our clients, IJ Kayes, we needed to find a voice so distinctive that it would be recognised on any radio brand. After carefully considering scores (literally) we settled on Sir David.

You can hear Sir David bring our client’s campaign to life across 2019 on Smooth FM & Capital FM.

Lovely Jubbly.

Freedom Media.

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