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The ever growing popularity of on demand and streaming services, the huge number of device options and ever more quality content means that TV viewers can now watch what they want, when they want and how they want.

This offers a huge opportunity for brands to connect with TV audiences like never before. At Freedom, we use advanced insights and digital automation to reach viewing audiences in a more effective way, regardless of how they choose to watch. And we can track it. With highly effective formats such as video on demand, we can target your customers with pinpoint accuracy by location and demography.


  • TV has unbeatable scale and reach in the UK.
  • TV fuels other media.
  • Drives a rapid and substantial response.
  • With micro targeting, TV is more accessible than ever before for businesses of all size.


We will work with you to ascertain what you are looking to achieve, who you are trying to reach, what programming environment you would like to be in and what ROI you need.

A TV campaign is usually part of a wider communications strategy, comprising of other media. So not only is it important to have an understanding of all the media channels available and their individual roles within the marketing mix, but it is also extremely important to try and understand how all the different media channels interlink and work together.

That’s where we come in. To discuss TV options locally, regionally or nationally, say hello.

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